Stress Management for Job Seekers

The stress management component of job searching can often be more important than the job search itself.

Even under the best circumstances, searching for work can be difficult. Whether you voluntarily left a job or are suddenly without a job for unexpected reasons, life as you know it has changed. Losing a job continues to be one of life’s most stressful experiences, even if the job wasn’t a very satisfying one.

Job Search Stress Management can often be more important than the job search itself. While there is no way to eliminate this stress completely, minimizing and controlling it will improve the odds of finding a job faster. High stress levels, anxiety and depression are an increasing problem for unemployed individuals. Go For It! Career Consulting helps clients stay positive, approach their job search with a sense of balance and ultimately find employment faster.

Stress management is not just for the unemployed though. The impact of a high stress, low-satisfaction job on employed individuals can be immense. A stressful job situation has been linked to various psychological and physical ailments. The World Health Organization has even termed job stress a worldwide epidemic.

Although unpleasant, stress and anxiety are normal responses to today’s faced paced, competitive culture. Taking on new challenges and growing in new ways often results in stress. In fact, some of the highest achieving people often report the highest levels of stress. If you are having difficulties balancing the demands of your professional life, Go For It! Career Consulting can help.

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