Resume Writing and Critique

An effective resume must immediately relay that you are the best candidate for the job.

Your Resume Must Communicate Information Effectively

The average employer spends only 5 to 10 seconds reading a resume. In an increasingly competitive job market, where hundreds of job seekers apply for the same position, a professionally crafted resume is imperative.  Your employment history will be scrutinized in the blink of an eye and communicating your qualifications effectively can be harder than you think. If not presented properly, you may be overlooked regardless of an impressive professional and or educational background.

An effective resume must immediately relay that you are the best candidate for the job. A strong resume is not just a list of jobs and responsibilities – it is a personal marketing tool, and how it’s presented can say just as much about you as your work experience does.

Three Common Resume Formats

There are three resume writing formats commonly used today: chronological, functional and a combination of both. Go For It! Career Consulting will help you determine which format is the best choice based on your experience, job history and position sought. After a thorough discussion of your objectives, experience, transferable skills and target job openings, Go For It! Career Consulting will work with you to design and create a targeted resume that presents your strongest possible image.

Even if you have never actually worked in the industry you are interested in transitioning into, Go For It! Career Consulting can help you prepare a powerful resume with our resume building experience. This is done by showcasing relevant experience and transferable skills in a way that is attractive to prospective employers. Looking at work experience in terms of skill sets and accomplishments rather than just job titles can open up many additional possibilities.

Resume Critique for Strengthening and Improvement

A resume critique from Go For It! Career Consulting provides clients with an outline of existing strengths and areas that need improvement. We engage our clients in every step of the resume writing process. We believe it is an essential learning experience and an invaluable skill. Our resume writing and critiquing services provide clients with specific concrete guidance for improvements, while also educating them on what makes for an impressive resume. We believe that this approach empowers our clients.

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