It’s that time of year again. With spring around the corner, job fairs will begin popping up all over and Go For It! Career Consulting wants to make sure you’re prepared.

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In a world where electronic communication has become the norm, face-to-face networking is both a rarity and something to be taken advantage of. You can find local job fairs several ways.  Simply searching Google for job fairs in your city or town should generate results. Google Alert allows you to be notified via email when new job fairs in your area are announced. You can also connect with a government-run career center in your area. Find your locate One-Stop Center here.

While you’ll want to prioritize your booth visits and target the companies you’re most interested in first, be aware of tunnel vision. The biggest mistake job seekers make is just dashing out the door after speaking with their target companies. Go For It! Career Consulting shares the following tips to get the most out of job fairs:

  • If you have the time, be sure to stop at every company booth. While you might not be interested in working for every company, it could be a great networking opportunity.
  • Obtain business cards from all company representatives that you meet.
  • Follow up with every representative you met within 48-72 hours after the job fair. An email will usually do. Also try to connect with them on LinkedIn.
  • Talk to other job seekers at the event. You never know who they might know or what tips they might be able to share.

Take charge of your job search and ensure that you are utilizing your time as efficiently as possible.  Call Go For It! Career Consulting today for a free consultation.

This post is brought to you by Dana Westerfield, Career Consultant at Go For It! Career Consulting and is intended for information purposes only.

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