Career Consulting Offers Solutions and Benefits

Navigating The Job Market

Career consulting and coaching services have become invaluable to anyone navigating today’s job market.

Go For It! Career Consulting offers solutions for:

  • Established/Experienced professionals who are considering changing roles or careers
  • Military personnel transitioning into the civilian workforce
  • Individuals new to the job market who want to explore career options
  • Students who are unsure of career goals/aspirations
  • Anyone looking to make the best use of their unique talents and personality to ensure career success in a tightened job market

Established Professionals

If you are an established/experienced professional, you have what companies are looking for in a seasoned prospective employee. You have developed the professional expertise, talents and experience needed to succeed, but may need assistance in showcasing it or redefining your career goals. Whether you are looking to move up in your current career or are seeking a career change, Go For It! Career Consulting can help. Our services enable you to organize and effectively convey your professional experiences and abilities to your current or potential employer, resulting in new opportunities.

Job Seekers with Military Service

If you are a service member, whether you are thinking about leaving the military, or have already started the process, early planning and preparation are crucial in making a smooth transition into the civilian workforce. Although transitioning from the military to the civilian sector makes your needs very different than the average individual seeking employment, the transition need not be a daunting task. Go For It! Career Consulting recommends starting the transition process as early as 12 months prior to separation or 24 months prior to retirement. The sooner you start the better. In order to prepare for a successful military to civilian transition, Go For It! Career Consulting places specific emphasis on identifying transferrable skills, finding military-friendly employers, adjusting from military jargon to corporate lingo, showcasing strengths as a military veteran and networking.

Students, New Grads, and Entry Level Job Seekers

If you are a student, new graduate or entry level job seeker, your employment prospects are wide open. Go For It! Career Consulting can assist you in finding direction and creating a solid job search plan. Since your skills and experience may be limited, Go For It Career Consulting will work with you to highlight your skills and abilities in a way that attracts prospective employers.

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